Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Little Missy is Down... with HFMD

It all started last Wednesday when you called me to say that you had a fever. Dismissing it as nothing much, Ah Ma gave you medicine and we headed back home after gym. That evening, you told me that your mouth felt painful. It thought that was your usual complaint if you were exposed to something causing your allergy.

The next day, you stayed at home to rest after the fever. When we went home you complained again about your painful mouth. This time daddy heard you and asked you to open your mouth. Oh my goodness.. it was full of ulcers. So we rushed to the hospital and luckily we made it on time as the last patient and had to be isolated while waiting to see the doctor, just in case our suspicion was true that you had HFMD. 

We waited for a while before we finally got to see Dr. Mary. And she confirmed it. Yup, you had HFMD and we were given strict instructions on how to handle it (always wash hands.. and I think I washed my hands at least 30 times each day while taking care of you) and what to look out for after recovery (possible side effects).

I stayed at home on Friday with you and we were both isolated in my room most of the day. You were quite well behaved, either watching TV or sleeping. The weekend was also spent at home with you playing around the house. The ulcers must have been really painful but you didn't complaint much. The only indication that you were in discomfort was the lack of you talking and of course, loss of appetite. By Sunday, you were almost back to normal, being more talkative (even talking in your sleep!!) and eating quite well.  

This was how you looked on the weekend:
Still tired on Saturday

Feeling better on Sunday, fixing the jigsaw puzzle

P/S: Gosh little girl, Ko-ko was asking why you sit so unlady-like.. 

On Monday, after much persuasion you allowed me to go to work in office. Tuesday was a public holiday and I guess you couldn't stand being cooped up at home anymore. Thinking we were going out, you asked me why I dressed you in shorts and then started to pack your handbag to go kai-kai.

In the end, we decided to buy food home to eat as you still had some ulcers. But you came long with us just for the car ride.

Today you look 99% perfect with just 2 last ulcers to clear. 

Get well soon darling. *kiss*kiss*

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Happy Birthday, Ah Chor

Since Ah Chor's birthday fell on a weekend, we also joined in to celebrate her birthday. As usual, the both of you made her a card. Coincidentally, you both picked almost the same colored paper/card to make her birthday card. Here's the final output:

And the inside of her card:

And the both of you happily giving her the card at the restaurant. 

Kiddies posing with the birthday "girl"

She still cannot imagine that she is an "Ah Chor"

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Teacher's Day 2018

This year we started our Teacher's Day project earlier. I just needed to keep reminding Mei-mei not to tell the teachers what we are making before the actual day. 
Here she is painting the "stems" of the flowers

A little message for the teacher at the back. She insisted on being in the picture also

As for Ko-ko.. the lazy boy didn't want to make anything. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Happy Birthday Nanna

It's Nanna's birthday. We bought her an Indonesian layer cake and even brought back enough candles to celebrate her age (not disclosing here). But in the end decided to just go with one, or else (some young boy remarked) we may end up eating wax.

A photo with Grampy and the grand-kids:

We also made her a birthday card. This is Evelyn's card:

She says the top person is Nanna. Nanna thought that it was a fat woman. But Evelyn told her it is Nanna with wings.. 

And this is the card from Evan. 

Thursday, May 03, 2018

All Grown Up

Cannot imagine that you have turned twelve. Another milestone. We took Friday off to bring you to the IC office to have your Malaysian Identity Card made. You had a haircut the weekend before that, as we wanted to ensure that you had a decent picture in the IC (you have to live with that picture until you turn 21 and make a new IC!!).

We left work and picked up Mei-mei from school. It was happiness written all over her face when she realised it was daddy and I who picked her up (she was being sad and difficult for the past few mornings when I dropped her at school). We had our lunch and as it was still early, we drove around and finally parked near school to wait for you.

Then we picked you up, and headed to Penang Plaza for you to freshen up and change into a dark colored T-shirt.

Reached the IC office, but it wasn't open yet as it was a Friday and lunch was till 2.45p.m.. There was already a big crowd waiting to enter! When the doors opened, daddy queued and got a number. There was 20 numbers ahead of yours. Oh no.. but it was a good thing that they were very efficient. You were served within an hour and we only had to wait another hour to pick up your IC. But you were tired and insisted that you didn't want to wait to pick up.

So we picked it up for you the following Tuesday after dropping both of you at school. And now you are all of 12 years old complete with a Malaysian IC.