Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Teacher-Hairstylist Evelyn

Ah Ma says that the first thing you had been doing when you woke up in the morning is to go to your playroom and to comb and style your toy's hair. Here's one of the hairstyle which you had created for your Anna:

And on this day that I am sitting in the room as you played (you have a wonderful imagination), you became your toy's teacher, teaching them English words also:
It is really cute to observe you playing teacher or whatever role which you want to be. You even know to take on different tone of voices to pretend to be each toy. 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Attempted Weekend at Home

It was HFM season and many cases in Penang. So we tried to stay at home more than to go out as what we'd usually do on the weekends. Didn't really work. We ended up going out to the Pulau Tikus market in the morning... but we avoided the market. Instead while Ah Ma went to buy her things, we had a little "date" in the cafe/bakery:
Iced chocolate for you

Cappuccino for mummy

In the afternoon, we had to go to Jusco to buy some ingredients for dinner. So we ate lunch and then went to buy our things. You just had to take a picture with the elephant: 

And we successfully stayed at home that evening. Daddy and I prepared our "Japanese" dinner of Udon with Miso soup and of course, gyoza:

Monday, July 09, 2018

On Mummy's Actual Birthday

Woke up in the morning to find this surprise. Every year, daddy somehow manages to buy me a birthday card:

 Went to office and found another present, sitting at my desk:

Took an early morning picture of this silly face:

Daddy and I went for a celebration just the two of us, to mark my turning 4-0!!

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Early Birthday Celebration

My early birthday celebration was set on the Saturday. Daddy had booked a table at Il Bacaro, an Italian restaurant downtown. Problem was the day we picked to have dinner was ALL WRONG. Haha.. it was also Goergetown Heritage Day and the whole downtown (where dinner was) was super jammed with people. Daddy dropped us and had to search everywhere before he finally got a place to park his car. Didn't get to take pictures of all the food we ordered. They were all delicious.
Evelyn's margherita pizza

Squid ink lobster pasta

We went home and finished off the celebration with a little mango cake we ordered from our favourite shop.

Close up of the mangoes. Yummy... 

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Haircut for everyone

Daddy had his hair cut the day before but on the next day, since you both went in for a haircut, he had Uncle Austin to take off more of the sides so that there is a distinct difference (like the footballers.. yup, it's World Cup season). This is the outcome:
Mr. Grumpy disliked it so much

Missy as usual had her fringe trimmed

Daddy's didn't turn out as cool as Mr. Grumpy's hair