Saturday, September 29, 2018

Evelyn's School Graduation and Concert

We cannot imagine it. It's your final year (and day) in Tadika Rajawali. After 4 years.. you are graduating from this school and moving on (a little earlier than your friends).
We woke up early to have breakfast and get ready then sent you all dressed and made up to school. Then we decided to queue (for over an hour) in hopes of getting a nice spot to watch you perform and receive your scroll. 
 As usual, the teachers did an amazing job with the decorations:
 The concert started with the usual speeches and then we were in for a surprise. The graduates marching in was a little different this time. Instead of walking in from the back of the Shammah Hall, you all danced in from backstage. So cute. We could see you dancing so enthusiastically. No wonder you said this year was a surprise.
 And it's now time for you to get your scroll from Pastor Lydia:
 Your picture projected up:
And your class teacher, Miss Varghese announcing the graduate names:
And this was a special surprise for everyone, including the children: Mrs. Sebastian singing the starting part of the song:
6 year old's choir:
We were then treated to performances from the other classes. Your sketch was the second last performance. Here you are, helping the "blind man" to pay his taxes to Zaccheus the tax collector.
You even had a line to speak in the sketch.
And the finale of 5 and 6 year old's singing the choir. We could see you singing so enthusiastically.
I went to pick you up and then we searched for teachers to take pictures with them.
With Miss Varghese

With Miss Beh

With Aunty Multi

With Mrs. Sebastian

With Miss Fong

Took a picture with the props which were prepared by the teachers for the photo booth

The hall leading to your classrooms (5 and 6 years old)
Well, and thus ends one chapter of your schooling life. And time for you to move on. We have been very fortunate that the both of you managed to get a spot in this amazing school. While we will miss sending you to this school and interacting with the teachers, it is time to move on. Here's to new challenges in your new school. 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Happy Birthday, Princess Boh Geh

Happy Birthday to our Princess Boh Geh.
Your smile, laughter and chatter has always been a source of delight to us. May you always be as happy and bubbly as you are. Happy birthday, darling.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Toothless Tiger

On the day of your birthday, your tooth decided to be too loose. So before the party started, daddy gave your tooth a gentle tug and it came off. 
It's so shaky already

Ta-da.. bou geh

And very excitedly, you asked to put the tooth inside the tooth album (you finally got to use it!!). I asked if you wanted to put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy to give you some money, but you didn't want to do it. So we put it into the album and even informed Nat Kor-kor (who gave you this album) that you finally have a tooth to place into the album.

Update: Now you decide that you want to put that tooth under your pillow! Haiyo.. not allowing that. So lucky thing your other tooth is now shaky. You will soon have a new tooth to put under your pillow. 

Evelyn's 6th Birthday Party at Home

We usually try to prepare food which you kids like to eat for your birthdays. This year for your 6th birthday party, we prepared local specialties which you prefer to eat. Ah Ma also added to the dishes with her very crispy roast pork. 

This year only Audrey and Ko-ko (and your 3 year old Ee-ee) were the children who made it to the party. But we still had fun. Here you are giving instructions for the "Find the Num Noms Treasure Hunt":

Soon it was cake time. Here is your mango flavoured Num Noms cake:

You came along with us and picked the "sparklers" candle:

As it was still early, we allowed you to unwrap all the presents and even picked a few to open and started playing them with Audrey.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

School 6th Birthday Party

Your birthday was something you had been looking forward to for a long long time. And this year for school, you requested a butterfly themed cake. Coincidentally, we had also bought a butterfly print dress. It was rather loose, but you were very keen to wear it. (The night before, I let you try it and got you to ask daddy if it was too big. You went down to check with him and told me "Daddy said it looks very pretty.." aiya.. that wasn't what I asked you to check with him. Anyways, you got your wish to wear that dress).
The next morning was easy to wake you up. Even your hairstyle was planned by you.
As usual, we dropped Ko-ko at school, then dropped you off at school. Then we headed off for breakfast and then back to school to wait for 9am to come (as requested by your teacher).
While waiting, we put the finishing touches to the cake: to decorate the cake with the pre-cut butterflies. 
And here is the birthday girl with the "Birthday tag"

And even had "Birthday Sunglasses"

The class sang the birthday song in 3 languages and they even said a prayer for you

You served most of your classmates the cake and even brought some for the other 6 year old class teachers.
Took a picture with your class teacher, Miss Varghese
Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that we were no longer allowed to give party packs. But Miss Varghese made an exception as you were also leaving the school earlier that year. 
These were the party packs which was had packed and labelled the weekend before for your classmates:

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Pancakes for Brunch

Since it was a public holiday and daddy was off for golf, we decided to make another round of pancakes. This time I doubled up the recipe. I had to use the mixer (which was a good choice) to whisk the egg whites and also to mix up the other ingredients.

When Ko-ko finally crawled out of bed, I had started frying up the pancakes.. but it was very slow. So he took another pan and helped me to fry them up. It was a good thing too, or else I reckon I would be standing at the stove for an extra hour if not for his help.

So, ta-da.. here's our pancakes. Had to go with honey as we had run out of maple syrup. 

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Attempt at Taking a Photo

We went to G Hotel for dinner to celebrate Ah Kong's birthday. After dinner, we stood around the lounge. I tried to take a picture of the two of you together.. didn't manage a decent picture at all *ggrrrr*