Thursday, September 20, 2018

School 6th Birthday Party

Your birthday was something you had been looking forward to for a long long time. And this year for school, you requested a butterfly themed cake. Coincidentally, we had also bought a butterfly print dress. It was rather loose, but you were very keen to wear it. (The night before, I let you try it and got you to ask daddy if it was too big. You went down to check with him and told me "Daddy said it looks very pretty.." aiya.. that wasn't what I asked you to check with him. Anyways, you got your wish to wear that dress).
The next morning was easy to wake you up. Even your hairstyle was planned by you.
As usual, we dropped Ko-ko at school, then dropped you off at school. Then we headed off for breakfast and then back to school to wait for 9am to come (as requested by your teacher).
While waiting, we put the finishing touches to the cake: to decorate the cake with the pre-cut butterflies. 
And here is the birthday girl with the "Birthday tag"

And even had "Birthday Sunglasses"

The class sang the birthday song in 3 languages and they even said a prayer for you

You served most of your classmates the cake and even brought some for the other 6 year old class teachers.
Took a picture with your class teacher, Miss Varghese
Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that we were no longer allowed to give party packs. But Miss Varghese made an exception as you were also leaving the school earlier that year. 
These were the party packs which was had packed and labelled the weekend before for your classmates:

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