Sunday, April 30, 2017

Melbourne Day2: Olinda

We all dressed warmer and packed into the car, heading for Olinda, Mount Dandenong. First stop was lunch at The Pig & Whistle Tavern,

This was Evan's lunch. 

Mei-mei had to pose for pictures with Uncle Ollie:

Mei'mei's lunch (such a large portion):

Could not resist not adding this pesto bread:

 Mummy's lunch:

 The lunch shared by the 3 ladies (Chim Poh, Nat & Ashley Kor-kor):

Hhmm.. I'm missing daddy's lunch (oops)

Got a little lost. But Uncle Ollie finally found the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens. Such beautiful greenery and autumn leaves. It was a lovely walk although rather cold. Lucky the both of you were all dressed up warmly.

As usual, after a while Mei-mei requested to be carried. So lazy to walk. Happiest was that she had 2 choices: Uncle Ollie or daddy. 

Dinner that night was BBQ at Jack Chek-chek's where you had lots of fun playing with the boys. 

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